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 DropShip Wholesalers - Affiliate Marketing Income


Drop-shipping has opened the door to many e-commerce startups.  We have listed a number of direct drop-shipping wholesalers on this page to help you get started.  Also included are several directories of drop-shipping wholesalers and manufacturers.  If you're just beginning to explore the business opportunities of e-commerce, there are many options to consider, especially for a home business or small business.  Affiliate Marketing is also a great way to present individual products sold by other partner resellers for a commission. Biz-Now Superstore demonstrates a good example of this type of affiliate marketing.

Biz-Now Superstore demonstrates a good example of Affiliate Marketing

For example, there are online resources presented at Merchant Goldmine that can provide both products you can sell and the technology as well as financial resources and credit card processing to create your own web store.  As an alternative to merchant accounts, many startups use e-commerce alternatives, such as PayPal, to handle credit card transactions on eBay - Amazon and other auction portals.  The products will be drop-shipped by the wholesale source to your customer.  

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

This is an excellent way for a home business or small business to get started!  You pay the wholesale price and keep the difference between the wholesale price and your retail price.  Diversify your existing product line without a heavy investment in inventory.  An investment of your energy and time can level the playing field against competitors with fatter wallets.  If you need help with the tools to develop a web site to sell your drop-shipped products, be sure to visit our technical solutions - startup tools web page once your finished here.  Merchant Goldmine also lists a representative selection of merchant account providers that you may need when your sales exceed $5,000 - $10,000 a month.

No need to pay for a directory of drop-ship wholesalers, especially if your business is an online business.  Some of the major e-commerce drop-shipping and non-drop-shipping wholesalers are listed here in addition to a few drop ship directories, some for sale and others free. 

One of the larger directory services that you can purchase for $69.96 per 6 month period is the Drop Ship Source Directory from WorldWide Brands.  WorldWide Brands also provides a free Learning Center to show you the ins and outs of ecommerce using drop ship wholesalers.  Another popular product from WorldWide Brands is the Light Bulk Wholesale Directory.  This includes wholesalers that sell for orders under $500 and still give you great discount prices.  The Market Research Wizard is a new software product introduced by by WorldWide Brands.  If you're just starting out and are trying to decide on what products to sell, you need to consider the amount of competition for specific products, the amount of demand and the amount of advertising cost spent by competitors.  The Market Research Wizard lets you enter the key words that describe the product and instantly see all the information you need to make a wise decision.  This is a very popular service (used by many of your competitors).  If you have a web site of your own, why not sign up as an affiliate to earn back the money you spent on the service (and more)?  We talk about more affiliate marketing opportunities below.

Desire to be an eBay - Amazon - Alibaba power seller?  Sell on Amazon or Alibaba reveals the wholesale sources used by many of the most successful eBay and Amazon entrepreneurs. 

Additional auction sources are listed on the E-Commerce Alternatives page of Merchant Goldmine.  A larger list of wholesale drop-shippers is included with links below.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a web site, you can also make a substantial income by signing up as an affiliate or associate to your choice of hundreds of resellers.  The best part of affiliate marketing is that all the work and product fulfillment is done at the other end of the link.  This is very similar to drop-ship marketing, but even easier for you because you don't handle any transactions.  All you do is collect your referral fees in the mail each month.  Many of the links you see on Merchant Goldmine are links to affiliates who pay Merchant Goldmine a referral fee based on sales.  Affiliate marketing is becoming a major segment of the overall online advertising industry.  Once you have a visitor on your page, why not invite him or her to explore other related products or information? Several affiliate brokers such as Commission Junction also provide web services that allow you to present individual products from affiliates on your website in a dynamic interface.

Most of the affiliate sources provide free access to an affiliation.  Some require an inspection of your web site, and a few also require a minimum amount of traffic before they will do business with an affiliate.  There are several third party affiliate tracking systems who serve to protect your interests by giving you full reports of the traffic and sales you generate.  In most cases, affiliates pay you every month, and sometimes after a minimum commission of between $25 to $100 is accumulated.  

When exploring various affiliate opportunities (there are many), keep an eye out for those that offer second tier or even third tier income.  For example, if you sign up as an affiliate marketer of the Drop Ship Source Directory, you can also make income from new affiliates that sign up from your link.  In this way, your downline may produce more income for you than your direct sales.  You're going to have a lot of competition for hot items like the Drop Ship Source Directory anyway, so why not get a piece of the action from your competitors?  At Merchant Goldmine, for example, we have several downline competitors that outsell us every week -- and we love it!  (Thank you!)   As a special incentive, we will place a link to your web site on Merchant Goldmine if you become an affiliate under our affiliate link, as long as there are at least two tiers, like the Drop Ship Source Directory.  As you probably know, having more links to your web site helps to improve your ranking with most search engines.

A good example of affiliate marketing is Biz-Now Superstore. From prepaid cell phones to adjustable workstations or bulk discount items, Biz-Now Superstore lists thousands of products from about a dozen marketplaces through Commission Junction (CJ).  The CJ REST web service API is used to query products based on descriptive keywords.  In Commission Junction lingo the seller is the "advertiser" and the affiliate is the "publisher". We are the publisher of Biz-Now Superstore in this case and we have established agreements to promote products and banner links with selected CJ advertisers.  When customers click on the buy-now button on the Biz-Now Superstore, they are redirected to the shopping cart of the seller-advertiser.  Customers are advised of this transfer in advance in order to keep them at ease. Explore Biz-Now Superstore to see how this may work for you.

Marketing Widget
To the right you can see some of the products we sell through several affiliates connected with Commission Junction. Move your pointer over the images to see a brief description of the item, price and the affilate partner (CJ advertiser). This is also a good example of a marketing widget provided by CJ. No need to do all the coding involved with the CJ REST API when using this widget. Just query the products with keywords from your joined advertisers, configure the dimensions, and presto - you are given a small snippet of javascript code that invokes your specific widget. This widget can also be configured to automatically eliminate products that are no longer available or dead links from advertisers that may have been deactivated from the CJ system. This code will work on any HTML page.

On several dynamic (aspx) pages at MerchantGoldmine we use a combination of API coding and widgets from CJ and other affiliates, including Amazon Associate widgets and others. Click on an image listed in products on our Office Furniture page or Business Software page and you will see detailed information about the product, as well as related products from Amazon displayed through an Amazon Associate widget. Yes, we are also an associate (affiliate) of Amazon. Since Amazon sells nearly every type of product that exists, there is almost always a closely related item from Amazon.

In an affiliate network like CJ, you get to select the resellers (advertisers) that you believe are compatible with your web site and offer the best deals.  Some affiliate resellers may offer a lower commission percentage but may have more marketable products and thereby be more beneficial to you. Keep in mind that many of the advertisers are also using drop-shipping services from other vendors. Just like Amazon, who prefers to warehouse and fulfill all products sold, they also list products from 3rd party vendors who fulfill the product orders on their own. Most vendors and affiliates are conscientious about declaring drop-shipping arrangements in advance. We also sell some garden tools through Amazon and we know that Amazon is very concerned about the time it taks to fulfill an order as well as any complaints from customers. In this sense, Amazon performs the roll of an affiliate network, but it does more, since it provides a very popular storefront that advertises your products for you. It also takes a large cut as a commision charged to resellers.

The best approach to affiliate marketing is to focus on products that are closely related to the main theme of each of your web pages.  A bunch of banners with no text will usually not invoke much visitor interest.  In fact, studies have shown that more text, or text without banners, will produce more hits than banners alone.  It is also ineffective to place banners and links to products that are probably of little interest to your visitors.  By cluttering up your web site with unrelated banners, you will probably turn off your visitors very quickly and permanently. 

On our dynamic pages with products you will see a list of products in text format followed by text links and finally a grid that lists products with images and brief descriptions. We placed the text links before the grid, because Google and other search engine spiders grab text information and links as a priority. In a dynamic page such as our Office Furniture page or Business Software page every change caused by the interaction of visitor clicks is indexed as a separate page by the search engine spider. Because of our affiliations with vendors who each may list hundreds or thousands of products, one dynamic page may be indexed to include thousands of pages, or one page per product.

One of the major third party affiliate tracking systems with hundreds of resellers is ClickBank.  For resellers, ClickBank also provides an alternative to a merchant account to accept credit cards.  Get the complete guide to making money with ClickBank. You can sign up either as a reseller or as an affiliate (or both) to help promote the products of other resellers.

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