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You can jump-start your new e-Business with one of our money-making web pages at Merchant Goldmine.  Simply copy the page on-line into your own web page editor and deploy the page on your own web site.  The income is derived from affiliate marketing links that have been carefully chosen to attract customers.  We talk about affiliate marketing income on the Drop-Shipping page, which is one of our most profitable pages.  To make money on each affiliate link, all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate on each link yourself, and change the affiliate ID code from the one for Merchant Goldmine to your own ID code given to you when you sign up.

By paying Merchant Goldmine $99 for your selected page(s), you are authorized to copy the page for your own publication.  Note that each page on Merchant Goldmine is copyrighted and to copy any page without authorization is a violation of law.  Once you copy the page you are encouraged to change any reference to Merchant Goldmine and to customize the content to fit the theme of your web site.

Your income from affiliates will depend largely on the amount of traffic that visits your web site.  Merchant Goldmine will also help you by providing a link to your cloned web page once you set it up.  We cannot guarantee any amount of traffic nor any amount of income.  What you get for your $99 per page is web content and links that have been produced through hundreds of hours of research and development time.  

People come to Merchant Goldmine web pages to learn how to get started in their e-commerce business.  There are millions of people on the web every day who need the information and resources linked to the Merchant Goldmine.  A well written page that helps people find the resources they need is a win-win benefit for all parties involved.

If you do not already have a hosted web site, you can find great solutions at low prices on the Web Hosting page.  If you're not sure about a domain name, we suggest you choose a name that includes a product line you wish to sell or a target market group.  It only takes a few days to get your domain name and web host, so by cloning your money-making web page from Merchant Goldmine today, you could be in business in as soon as a week.  

Even if you're new to web page editing, you could do like many web page newbies do and purchase the Microsoft FrontPage web editing software.  You will be able to edit your cloned page and publish it on your new web site with ease using the user-friendly FrontPage web authoring software.  We started with Microsoft FrontPage several years ago, and still use it for Merchant Goldmine today!

To get started, click on the button(s) below for the page(s) you wish to clone.  After you pay and check out of the payment window, complete the form that follows on this page to give us the location of your web site so that we can direct visitors to your web site from Merchant Goldmine.  To pay, choose either the Add to Cart (PayPal) buttons or the iKobo buttons.

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More resources and information are added to this site every few days.  Be sure to bookmark this site before you leave today.  If you know of a source of information or link that could benefit our visitors, please e-mail us at  info[AT]

Link requests will be evaluated based on the benefit to E-Commerce entrepreneurs, the quality of the site, reciprocation options, and other criteria including monetary benefit.  Current links will be re-evaluated periodically.

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